I regularly gain and lose the same 10 pounds-ish each year. This past year, to my extreme disappointment, I didn’t really cycle through the losing part. (Booooo) Instead I gained I’m guessing 15 pounds? (extra loud BOOOOO)

This is definitely my fault. I haven’t really been exercising as much both purposefully and generally. Jimmy has a car that I’ve used to get groceries (YES I used to carry all of my groceries home), I live closer to the train and - now that I live with Jimmy - I reallllllly have left the apartment less in general.

When my loose fitting jeans suddenly started fitting, I knew I was in for trouble if I didn’t put a stop to it. Jimmy had some extra padding too. We tried eating at home more and, while we didn’t keep gaining more weight, we weren’t really losing it. So we decided to try a trending diet of our times…


Now most people who know me know that I went for years as a loose vegan to vegetarian to pescatarian. So, of course, keto seems a little extreme. However, lately I’ve been craving the meats. I never used to, so I figured that if the cravings didn’t go away I should just start eating meat. Also, anyone who knows me is aware that details are not my jam. There was no way I was going to count and then track all of the various things that strict keto people do - I can’t even tell you to this day what those things exactly are. Basically, I was going to stay under a certain amount of net carbs and try to make sure I was eating enough fat.

Cooking at home (a luxury craft these busy days) has been something I’ve been working on. I am not the worst cook, but I’m definitely not very good at it. Practice is needed. While I’ll probably never be a natural, I hope I can learn.


I settled on trying Slow Cooker Carnitas from the Simply Keto cookbook by Suzanne Ryan.

First step, buying a slow cooker. After very little research, I settle on a 6 qt Crock Pot from Amazon. Jimmy made fun of me for getting a “huge” one - but the smaller ones seemed so small. Plus, what about when we have friends over?

Rogue was not impressed.

Rogue was not impressed.


I had to buy my first pork too. I don’t think I’ve EVER purchased pork on my own in any form other than bacon. Heads up - it isn’t difficult, they let anyone buy it. :) After a few minutes it was ready to be slow cooked.

Then I had to go to work and Jimmy had to finish it off.

I came home after work looking forward to the pork. Jimmy had informed me that they were delicious. I found this in the fridge - ha!



Oooooh check out that steam!

Oooooh check out that steam!

First pork & first keto recipe were a SUCCESS!

We are giving keto 30 days to see how it goes. TBD.

Until next time kids,