Jimmy and I have been on Keto for 10 days. He is down 7 pounds and I’m down 1/2 pound. Are. You. Kidding?!

It was time for something sweet, so it was time to start experimenting. I found a few recipes with extremely high ratings. I purchased the very expensive ingredients (at least in comparison to standard baking items). Then I got to work.

Little did I know disappointment was looming around the corner.


I don’t remember the exact recipe, but honestly - I don’t think it matters. I had not been on keto long enough to have forgotten how good sugar tastes. The recipe was coconut flour based, but tasted mostly like paste.

They sure looked good!

They sure looked good!

Even Rogue was interested.

Even Rogue was interested.


I wanted to make sure I was making a fair effort to like keto baked goods, so I made another recipe. This time peanut butter cookies. They look beautiful, while slightly better than their predecessor, they still taste awful.


Jimmy came home from work and said, “What do you mean? They look good.” Soon he was on my side too.



That was a waste of time and money, but I still enjoyed the process - so it wasn’t a total waste. The trash can wasn’t hungry that night!

Better luck next time,