This family cracks me up. The parents are some of the most relaxed and seemingly happy people you could meet with great style to boot!!! This is extra great when one of the kiddos (big brother) could care less about photos/smiling/posing/sitting still. I think it is safe to say that these parents know their kids very well and it is obvious that they love, love, LOVE them. :)

We have had some bad luck with weather for the past few shoots. Last year it was rainy. This year we had to reschedule and, unfortunately, the date landed on the first day in the teens/early 20s. It felt FRIGID! They decided that they wanted to get-it-done and went for it despite the weather. This makes them one of the bravest families! The session lasted 20 minutes - which I consider a win. :)


Laura and Sven, thank you so much for both braving the weather and for choosing me. I sincerely hope that next time we have great weather - we are definitely due!

Until next time!
xoxoxoxox, Brittany