If I could hang out with newborn babies all day I absolutely would. I. Love. Babies. (don’t tell my boyfriend - ha!) So when this adorable family reached out I was absolutely in. They specifically asked for a quick session, which is something I totally understand - bringing a newbie home is a lot of work and stress and, while photos are so wonderful, having time to enjoy your babe is even better. I’m always happy to get in and get out. :)


She was perfectly sleepy. :)

Happy Baby :)

Happy Baby :)

This family has two kiddos very close in age, and big sister was adorable! While adorable, she wasn’t super interested in being photographed. Ha! :) This is to be expected, of course.


This babe is clearly loved and in caring hands, and that is wonderful to know. It was a pleasure to meet this cutie, and I am excited to see her grow!